What is the Treaty Education K-12?

The Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba, in partnership with the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, Manitoba Education, and the Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre, completed the K – 12 teacher resource packages and related teaching materials to:

  • Increase the knowledge and understanding of the Treaties and the Treaty Relationship among all students;
  • Ensure students understand the impact of the Treaties and the Treaty Relationship on the creation of Manitoba;
  • Build bridges between all peoples in order to strengthen our society and our prosperity.

When and where will the Treaty Education K-12 be taught?

  • Successful, 33 school pilot projects were completed for the Grades Kindergarten to Grade 12 levels during the 2010 – 2014 school years;The pilots included urban, rural, on reserve, and off reserve schools from across Manitoba;
  • Regional Treaty Education Training Sessions will be offered as well as Divisional Regional Treaty Education Training sessions; For this year we may have to do On line training due to the COVID-19m Pandemic
  • School Administrators training will be offered jointly to Provincial school administrators and First Nation Education Directors;
  • Catalyst Training sessions for Divisional consultants will once again be offered.
  • Upon completion of the two day in-service, teachers will receive the Treaty Education Kit to a maximum of 3 Kits per school;
  • Ultimately, every student in Manitoba will be taught the importance of the Treaties and the Treaty Relationship.

What materials are available for the 2020-2021 school year?

  • Kindergarten to Grade 12 Teacher Guides used to compliment to the existing provincial Manitoba provincial curriculum, including Social Studies, English Language Arts and Science;
  • Treaty Education Year at a Glance wall charts for Kindergarten to Grade 12;
  • Treaty Education Initiative – Teachers’ Handbook;
  • Additional Online Student Resources 
  • In School Teacher Supports
  • A Treaty Education Kit for classroom teachers which includes, maps, posters, DVDs, USB, puppets, Treaty medal replica, teacher reference books, children Treaty reader series (3), plus more….