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Welcome to the Teacher’s area.

As a teacher, we know that you are extremely busy. To assist in the delivery process, we have a batch of PowerPoint documents that are available and ready for you to use. You can use these while teaching about Treaties in their classroom, providing an in-service to your colleagues, or to further your own Treaty knowledge. We hope you find these PowerPoint and additional resources valuable and we will continue to grow these resources for educators.

We have added a couple new items:

  1. Celebrating Ten Years
  2. Agowidiwinan: Treaties and Manitoba 150
  3. Treaties in 10_OnePager
    1. Treaties in 10_Royal Proclamation
    2. Treaties in 10_Treaty Commissioner
    3. Treaties in 10_Treaty Partner_The Crown
    4. Treaties in 10_Treaty Suits
    5. Treaties in 10_Treaty Territories