Treaty Education Facts:

Treaty Education: The First Decade:

  • Why Treaty Education? Recognizing a gap in teaching and learning materials about Treaties and the Treaty relationship, we decided that the best way to support Manitoba educators was to design a suite of pedagogical materials fortified with immersive teacher training.
  • Treaty Education began in 2009-2010 as the Treaty Education Initiative. As a K-12 program, its aims were, and remain, to teach the knowledge, skills, and attitudes central to understanding treaties and the Treaty relationship into school curricula.
  • After extensive consultations, piloting, and teacher training, the Treaty Education Kit was finalized in 2014; containing a curated set of pedagogical assets intended to complement and enhance Manitoba curricula.
  • The Kit contains thirteen grade level teacher resource guides framed on four curricular ‘Big Ideas’: Relationships, Traditional Teachings, History, and Treaties. Complementing the guides are textual materials for both teaching and learning, video resources, children’s readers, posters, maps, a timeline, literature, and manipulatives.

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