Did You Know…

  • The short-term goal of the TE is to develop K-12 Treaty education instructional resources.
  • The long term goal of the TE K-12 is to seek and secure province-wide support that would recognize Treaty education as an education enrichment resource that can be integrated into all aspects of existing provincial curricula.
  • TE K-12 has developed a respectful and balanced perspective that is part of all the Treaty education resources and the Treaty Education Training sessions.
  • The TE K-12 sub-committee consists of  representatives from the four partners and have  had an equal opportunity to review and approve all teacher resources developed for the TE K-12.
  • TE K-12 provides capacity building training workshops to support the implementation of Treaty education in Manitoba classrooms.
  • Broad support for the Treaty Education Initiative has been generated from schools, divisions and other organizations like the Manitoba Teachers Society, the Manitoba Association of School Superintendents, and the Manitoba School Boards Association.
  • First Nation local control school administrators have also supported the implementation of Treaty education in their schools.