Treaties in Manitoba

Treaties 1 through 5 encompass the majority of Manitoba. The Treaties were negotiated and entered into by Treaty Commissioners on behalf of the Crown and First Nations leaders.

The Treaties in Manitoba are:

  • Treaty No. 1 was negotiated and entered into on August 1871 at Lower Fort Garry.
  • Treaty No. 2 was negotiated and concluded on August 1871 at Manitoba House.
  • Treaty No. 3 was negotiated and entered into on October 1873 the Northwest Angle of Lake of the Woods.
  • Treaty No. 4 was negotiated and concluded in September 1874 at Fort Qu’appelle. First Nations within Manitoba entered into adhesions to Treaty No. 4 at Fort Ellice.
  • Treaty No. 5 was negotiated and concluded on September 1875 at Beren’s River, Norway House, and Grand Rapids. Adhesions to Treaty No. 5 were entered into throughout Manitoba’s north.
  • Treaty No. 6 was negotiated and concluded on August 1876 at Fort Carlton.
  • Treaty No. 10 was negotiated and entered into on August 1906 at Canoe Lake.

Treaties No. 6 & No. 10 have no territories in Manitoba; however, four communities are signatory to those Treaties. The Dakota people were not a part of the Numbered Treaties; however, they are recognized as having use and occupation of territories within Manitoba and have secured alliances and arrangements with the Crown and First Nations.