Sharing in Success: Working Together to Build Partnerships

Sharing in Success:
Working Together to Build PartnershipsTRCM_WFP 2015 Sharing in Success Cover

Humour. Who would think it’s the bridge we need to get us all talking? But for two Manitobans, one a stand-up comedian, the other a university professor, laughter is just the ticket for building healthier relationships and successful partnerships.

Entitled Sharing in Success, Working Together to Build Partnerships, this magazine builds on the long history of partnerships between First Nations and Europeans in Canada. Stories featuring the efforts of countless First Nation people who are creating stronger relationships and successful partnerships between First Nations and non-First Nations are at the heart of 3rd edition of the supplement. Created jointly by the Winnipeg Free Press and the Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba, it will be distributed in April 2015.

While relationships between First Nations and non-aboriginals have not always been smooth sailing, there’s a renaissance underway in Manitoba and the best is yet to come as we strive to create stronger, more unified communities. If we do nothing else, we should allow ourselves to be led by our young people who are willing to shake the bonds of negativity and misunderstanding by drawing on our mutually shared and successful history together. In that, there is endless potential.


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