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Sharing in Success:
Working Together to Build PartnershipsTRCM_WFP 2015 Sharing in Success Cover

Humour. Who would think it’s the bridge we need to get us all talking? But for two Manitobans, one a stand-up comedian, the other a university professor, laughter is just the ticket for building healthier relationships and successful partnerships.

To profile how so many Manitobans are working together and achieving great things, the TRCM is excited to unveil its latest publication entitled “Sharing in Success, Working Together to Build Partnerships.”

While relationships between First Nations and non-aboriginals have not always been smooth sailing, there’s a renaissance underway in Manitoba and the best is yet to come as we strive to create stronger, more unified communities, together! If we do nothing else, we should allow ourselves to be led by our young people, many of whom are profiled in this magazine. Together, they are shaking the bonds of negativity and misunderstanding by drawing on our mutually shared and successful history together. In that, there is endless potential.

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Creating Opportunities:
First Nations Contribute to Manitoba’s Economic Success2013-14 WFP Supplement


On April 19, 2014, the TRCM developed a supplement to the Winnipeg Free Press: Creating Opportunities: First Nations Contribute to Manitoba’s Economic Success.

The TRCM created this opportunity to showcase the vibrant, successful and contributing business leaders, academics and tradespeople of the day implementing what was intended in the Treaties – opportunities, self-reliance and independence.

‘It is time to honour and celebrate economic partnerships intended in the Treaties’ – James Wilson, Treaty Commissioner

Please read on to discover success stories from individuals who believe they are where they are precisely BECAUSE of who they are, what they know and what they believe in.

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WFP_InsertOur Past Our Future:
Understanding Each Other Makes Us Stronger

The TRCM and Winnipeg Free Press, through an informal partnership, developed a detailed section for the Winnipeg Free Press Weekend Edition. This ‘pull-out’ titled Our Past Our Future: Understanding Each Other Makes Us Stronger was in the March 30, 2013 edition reaching all corners of the province. Below are the articles in the ‘pull-out’:

  • Let’s Talk
  • Elders and the Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba
  • Treaty Learning Brings New Perspective to St. Mary’s
  • Treaty Education Initiative
  • Treaty Learning Key in Preparing Students to Lead
  • Historical Agreements Alive in the Five
  • Dakota Nation Works to Correct Historical Wrongs
  • Moving Beyond Racism
  • Treaty Land Entitlement Part of long Process to Fulfill Treaty Promises
  • Urban Reserve Would Bring Economic Growth
  • Saskatoon Celebrates Quarter-Century Mark for Urban Reserve
  • Inspirational Journey of Learning Started on the Trap Line
  • Royal Proclamation from 250 Years ago Key to Relationship
  • Resources Revenue Sharing All About Fairness
  • Idle No More Gains Momentum
  • Learning about Treaty History eye-opening experience for SJR students
  • Brandon University Expands Native Studies Options

In addition to these exploratory and thought-provoking articles the ‘pull-out’ also showcases our newly developed map of Manitoba with traditional First Nation names and thoroughly researched Treaty boundaries.

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