Manitoba Treaties Oral History Project Treaty Elders’ Teachings Series

Sioux Valley Buffalo CoverIn July 2006, the Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba (TRCM) and the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC) entered into a Protocol Agreement on the Manitoba Treaties Oral History Project (OHP). The OHP Research Team has met with 61 of the 64 Manitoba First Nations and held fourteen Focus Groups, seven Community Forums and sixty Follow-up Elder Interviews that included 228 Elders from the seven Treaty areas and five Manitoba linguistic groups including the Dakota Nation.

Untuwe Pi Kin He – Who We Are: Treaty Elders’ Teachings Volume I was officially launched on February 6th, 2014. It can be purchased at McNally Robinson Booksellers.

Download Chapter One: Creation (PDF)

Although the original focus of the OHP shifted during the field research, and a four volume series of ‘Treaty Elders’ Teachings’ was envisioned to help educate the general public on Elders perspectives of the history of the Treaties and First Nations people. The four volume series includes:

Untuwe Pi Kin He Who We Are: Treaty Elders Teachings Volume I by Doris Pratt, Harry Bone and the Treaty and Dakota Elders of Manitoba with contributions by the AMC Council of Elders;

Ka’esi Wahkotumahk Aski – Our Relations With The Land: Treaty Elders Teachings Volume II with authorship to be held by D’Arcy Linklater, Harry Bone and the Treaty and Dakota Elders of Manitoba;

Dtantu Balai Betl Nahidei – Our Relations to the Newcomers: Treaty Elders Teachings Volume III with authorship to be held by Harry Bone and the Treaty and Dakota Elders of Manitoba; and

Gakina Gidagwi’igoomin Anishinaabewiyang – We Are All Treaty People: Treaty Elders Teachings Volume IV with authorship to be held by Harry Bone, Wayne Scott and the Treaty and Dakota Elders of Manitoba.

In March 2011, a final regional forum was held in Winnipeg with the Anishinaabeg, Anishininiwak, Dakota, Denesuline and Ininiwak Elders to review their contributions and provide publication consent. Immediately afterwards writing began on the first of the four volumes. Once the writing had been completed, the volume was reviewed and edited by an independent contractor, vetted through the AMC Council of Elders. The edited volume was then redesigned and formatted. On February 14th, 2013, the TRCM Elders’ Council, as well as representatives from AMC, met with the TRCM to review and revise the entire first volume. Final edits were made to the project during the month of March, 2013, and as requested, a new volume cover was commissioned.