We Are All Treaty People

2 Day Professional Development Workshop

Target Audience

People from the business and government sectors who want to learn more about the history, culture and experiences of Indigenous peoples in Canada.


The 2-day workshop will build participants’ understanding of the historic context of Treaties and Treaty Relationships, and the relevance of Treaties today, including their connection to present-day issues. Participants can expect to leave this workshop with a richer appreciation of the diversity of Indigenous peoples and Nations, and a deeper understanding of how all Manitoban’s can be effective and engaged Treaty Partners.

Many of the complex challenges facing First Nations communities today arise from previous social injustices. In the recently released Truth and Reconciliation Report, the Commission called upon the corporate sector to participate in the process of reconciliation by “providing education for management and staff on the history of Aboriginal peoples.”

Our province’s future social and economic health depends on our ability to work effectively with First Nations peoples and communities. Educating ourselves is an important first step that we hope business leaders and public servants will take with us as we explore what it means to be an ally and work to create opportunities for all Canadians to prosper.

The We Are All Treaty People workshop was piloted in 2015 and received excellent reviews from all participants; with many describing it as “long overdue” and “transformative.”



Please call 204-777-1871  for more information.

Group Sessions

This workshop is available to groups within a single organization. Please contact the TRCM for more information.