Former Treaty Commissioner, Dennis White Bird


  • Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba
  • Treaties and Treaty Relationship
  • Oral History (Language)
  • Legal Aspects
  • Treaty Education

Dennis White Bird is an Anishinabae from the Rolling River First Nation and is proud to say that the Anishinabae language is his first language.

Dennis worked as a teacher for seven years before he was called to take a leadership role within his community. During his 18 years as the Chief of Rolling River, Commissioner White Bird successfully negotiated a Treaty Land Entitlement agreement with Canada and Manitoba. His community was the first to ratify the agreement.

Upon leaving the position within his community, Mr. White Bird’s leadership responsibilities grew as he was elected as Regional Chief for the Manitoba region within the national First Nation organization: the Assembly of First Nations. As Regional Chief, he was appointed the Executive Member in Charge of Treaties and was very involved in the promotion of First Nation languages.

Mr. White Bird was elected to the position of Grand Chief of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs in August 2000. Throughout his term as Grand Chief, Commissioner White Bird showed a strong interest in promoting First Nations youth issues and worked closely with the Manitoba First Nations Youth Council, an initiative of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs.

Dennis White Bird was appointed Treaty Relations Commissioner for Manitoba in June 2005 by a federal Order-in-Council. The appointment is a natural progression for a man who has shown a great interest and dedication to the fulfillment of the true spirit and intent of the Treaty relationship and the education of both First Nation and non-First Nation youth.