Elder Peter Atkinson


  • Oral History
  • Creation Story
  • Anishinaabe Clan System
  • Pipe Ceremony Teachings
  • Elder Perspective on Treaties/Treaty relationship

Daabaasanaqwat ‘Lowcloud’ aka Peter Atkinson of the Turtle Clan resides in his Ojibway home community of Baagwaanish Giiziibii (Ragweed River) aka Roseau River Anishinabe Nation. He speaks and understands his Ojibway language. With great pride and hard work, he stands as a 2nd Degree Midewiwin.

Lowcloud is presently the Head Spokesperson of the Fish Clan. As a very knowledgeable and strong believer of the original form of Anishinabe Governance; the Clan System, it is in prayer that all Anishinabe continue to learn and understand where we come from.

Lowcloud is a proud Great Grandfather for Meymeynoosh, a grandfather, and father of two sons, three traditionally adopted sons and one daughter. With continued determination and encouragement to help all his Anishinabe relatives, near and far, his work involves awareness of all ceremonies and continued assistance with spiritual help.

This also includes; sweat lodges, spirit naming, clan retrieval, cleansing of homes, Sundance; presentations includes university and school cultural awareness, treaties, languages, traditional camp for young Anishinabe, spirituality teachings and encouraging all Anishinabe Nations to understand and practice all the gifts that Giishey Mani doo has given us.

Lowcloud will always have a very strong voice to retain, for our future generations, to understand and preserve, our Anishinabe way of life.