Elder Doris Pratt


  • Oral History
  • Dakota Experience
  • Treaty Education (Residential Schools)

Doris Dowan Pratt, Consultant, specializes in the language of her people – DAKOTA. She has her Masters in Education from Brandon University and holds an Educational Specialist Degree from the Univerity of Arizona.

Fluent in Dakota, Doris Pratt (Duzahan Mani Win) has dedicated her life to revitalizing and preserving the Dakota Language for the benefit of this vibrant and resurging culture, which she has shared with her three daughters and three sons, encouraging them always to take pride in the gifts of the Dakota language and culture.

She has developed a wide range of Dakota Language related materials for classroom and/or home education, including materials that range from the Primary School Level to Senior Advanced Studies in the Dakota Language. She has served as an official translator for the Federal Government and continues to work as a private consultant and public speaker, devoting her time and knowledge to raise awareness with regard to the revitalization and future use of Dakota in the classroom and within communities on an ongoing basis.