Chris Henderson


  • General Treaties/Treaty relationship
  • Treaty Land Entitlement




Chris Henderson is Anishinaabe and a First Nations member of the Black River First Nation (signatory to Treaty No. 5), and a former band member of the Sapotaweyak Cree Nation (signatory to Treaty No. 4).

Chris is currently the Executive Director of the Treaty Land Entitlement Committee (TLEC) of Manitoba Inc. TLEC’s mission is to provide technical support and assistance to its Member First Nations in the implementation of their individual Treaty Land Entitlement (TLE) agreements under the terms of the Manitoba Treaty Land Entitlement Framework Agreement.

From 2004 to 2007, Chris successfully served as the Southern Grand Chief of the Southern Chiefs’ Organization of Manitoba, representing 36 First Nations in southern Manitoba. During this time, he commissioned a comparative analysis of the TLE implementation processes in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The intent was to draw attention to the slow-pace of the reserve creation process in Manitoba under the TLE Framework Agreement. As a result of this report, Canada and Manitoba later both declared they were committed to accelerating the TLE land conversion process in Manitoba.

Prior to his appointment as Executive Director of TLEC, Chris served as Project Manager with the Government of Manitoba’s Aboriginal Issues Committee of Cabinet, providing policy analysis and advice to various Cabinet Ministers on a variety of issues and challenges facing First Nations in Manitoba.

Chris possesses his Bachelor of Arts degree in History and his Communications Certificate in Public Relations and Marketing, both from the University of Winnipeg. While at the U of W, Chris was also active in student government serving as Vice-President and President of the First Nations Student Council.

Presentation Summary

Treaty implementation and reconciling First Nations’ Treaty right to land with Manitoba’s jurisdiction over natural resources will be the focus of Chris’ presentation.

Treaty Land Entitlement (TLE) refers to land owed to certain First Nations under the Numbered Treaties in Manitoba signed by the First Nations and Canada between 1871 and 1910. Treaties 1 to 10 provided that Canada would set aside a certain amount of land as reserve land based on the populations of the “Indian bands” at the time of the original surveys for reserve lands. Not all Indian bands received their land entitlement as promised in the Numbered Treaties and this is what is referred to as “Treaty Land Entitlement”.