Allen Sutherland


  • Historical Timeline (Treaty relationship since Newcomer contact)
  • Treaty No. 1
  • Project Officer Parks Canada

Boozhoo, Aaniin, Tansi

Waabski Masinazoot Michtaatim nindizhinikaaz, Bizhiw niin nindoodem, Iskawinaaning doon jii

Allen Sutherland (White Spotted Horse), Anishinaabe member of Skownan First Nation (Treaty 2 Territory) is a Registered Professional Trainer (RPT).

As a member of the Aboriginal Community, Allen had the opportunity of working within First Nations, Federal and Provincial Governments, including grassroots community work for over 25 years. As a successful businessman under his own company of WHITE SPOTTED HORSE, worked as an independent consultant and facilitator – one of his many clients was providing the ongoing workshop “Duty to Consult” with the Province of Manitoba.

Allen is now the Treaty One Project Officer of Parks Canada, Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site. He currently resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba with his wife Elaine (Blue Bird) and his three children (Speckled Eagle Woman, Yellow Flower, and Swift Eagle).