Speakers Bureau

The TRCM Speakers Bureau provides dialogue and information sharing to create an understanding about the historical and contemporary issues that relate to Treaty. Presentations speak to both the Canadian and First Nations perspective of the Treaties to balance information Manitobans receive from various outlets in relation to Treaty.

Speakers Bureau Objectives:

  • Promote the concept “We Are All Treaty People”;
  • Raise awareness of Treaties and their importance;
  • Raise awareness of the rights and obligations associated with Treaties;
  • Facilitate discussion on Treaties; and
  • Enhance the Treaty relationship

How to Book a speaker:
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The TRCM welcomes all inquiries and requests for the Speakers Bureau to attend events, workshops, schools, symposiums and panel discussions. Due to availability and scheduling the TRCM asks that interested groups provide the following information two (2) weeks prior to engagement.

Please provide a completed request form which details:

  • A description of the content you would like to receive;
  • Event information & organization background; and
  • Audience demographics.

Visit the Media section to see videos from various members of the TRCM Speakers Bureau.