Learning Centre

On September 23, 2009 the TRCM celebrated the Grand Opening of the learning centre for Treaty Education and Awareness with an open house and performance of Kinikinik: A Treaty Play by Ian Ross.

To guarantee an inclusive and integrated design approach, the TRCM engaged the support of a committee consisting of members of the TRCM, the AMC and INAC.

Also, the TRCM consulted with the AMC/TRCM Elders Council to ensure recognition and integration of traditional knowledge into the overall concept.

The concept was developed to include the four (4) directions and circular elements reflecting an organic and holistic approach. With the intent to engage school aged children in the Treaty discussion; the design also allows for cultural appropriate activities such as smudging and ceremonies. The concept and usability of a user friendly environment will also provide an opportunity for all Manitobans to learn more about the Treaties and the Treaty relationship.

Learning Centre Poster (PDF)