Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre

The dynamic partnership between MFNERC and the TRCM is one of mutual vision, understanding and respect. The partnership is a collaborative approach to creating documents that will enhance the Treaty relationship for all Canadians.” ~ Lorne Keeper, Executive Director

“Since its opening the Resource Centre has worked hard to establish itself as ‘the’ venue for First Nation curriculum development and education initiatives. The TRCM hopes it can access the great storehouse of knowledge and understanding that is the Manitoba First Nation Education Resource Centre.” ~ Treaty Commissioner Dennis White Bird

“The Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre (MFNERC), established in 1999, was given a mandate by the Chiefs of Manitoba to provide second and third level education services to fifty-five First Nations schools in Manitoba. The MFNERC facilitates a community education process based on First Nations needs, priorities and education plans. The process is First Nations driven and authority remains with the First Nations.”

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