Indigenous Leadership Development Institute Inc.

“The Indigenous Leadership Development Institute is committed to building relationships that support leadership and governance. We appreciate partners that are addressing the sacred agreements that were made by our Ancestors. The TRCM is cognisant of the work that needs to be done to move forward and to create a strong future.” ~ Ted Fontaine – Board of Directors, Chair

“The Indigenous Leadership Development Institute has the ability to reach community leaders and provide the opportunities to share information with leadership effectively. As a partner, the TRCM is able to use ALI as a forum to share the message with the audience. The result is that the grassroots people have a stronger understanding of Treaty and the Treaty relationship.” ~ Treaty Commissioner, Dennis White Bird

“The Indigenous Leadership Development Institute Inc. is a non-profit organization established to build leadership capacity in Indigenous people. We are run by Indigenous people and directed by a volunteer board reflecting the diversity of the Indigenous community. This board identifies specific training required to produce able and accomplished Indigenous leaders.”

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