Brandon University

“Brandon University has been involved in partnerships with the Aboriginal people for much of its history. This present relationship is another example of our commitment to encourage cultural diversity and understanding between us all. I think it will be a benefit to everyone in the Brandon community.” ~ Brandon University President and Vice-Chancellor Dr. Louis P. Visentin

“By signing this MOU, the TRCM will be able to deliver the message We Are All Treaty People to Brandon University students, staff and management. We are eager to work with Brandon University to enhance the Treaty relationship and to learn from our partners as we work together to educate all Manitobans about the importance of the Treaties.” ~ Treaty Commissioner Dennis White Bird

“Brandon University’s mission is to shape the whole person and enable students to make a positive difference as citizens and leaders. In a welcoming and supportive setting, the University emphasizes research, scholarship, critical thinking, performance, artistic creation, communication and participation, as a means of imparting value and meaning to society and contributing to the public good.”

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