Community Service

As part of the overall facilitation mandate the TRCM also provides Community Service in number of capacities through Advisory Committee and Community Board volunteerism. These committees and boards provide a vehicle for networking and outreach within the City of Winnipeg, Manitoba and beyond.

  • Provincial Healthy Child Advisory Committee (PHCAC): Propose recommendations for the development of an integrated provincial childhood education strategy for Manitoba; Treaty Commissioner James Wilson is the Chair of this committee.
  • Masters in Development Practice Advisory Circle (MDPAC): Advocate in local, national, and international communities for the advancement of Development Practice and advise the MDP program faculty and staff to ensure cultural and historical sensitivity; Treaty Commissioner James Wilson is a member of this advisory circle.
  • Manitoba Education Research Network (MERN): Facilitate, promote, create opportunities, and support education research and professional development throughout Manitoba in key development areas; The TRCM is an Affiliate Organization Representative.
  • The Coalition for Educational Opportunities (CEO): Promote leadership for culturally appropriate educational opportunities; Treaty Commissioner James Wilson is a member of this committee.
  • The Community Advisory Council (CAC): To advise and support the Youth Campaign to End Racial Discrimination; The TRCM is a member of this advisory council.
  • Treaty Legacy Foundation (TLF): To advance public education on Treaties between the Crown and Aboriginal Peoples in Canada; Treaty Commissioner James Wilson is a member of the volunteer board.