Treaties were entered into to create opportunities for all people in Manitoba. With an unwavering commitment to ongoing dialogue and cooperation, the TRCM is working to create a better understanding of how the Treaties relate to every Manitoban. The Treaty Relationship is based on the following principles – respecting each other’s sovereignty, developing kinship-based relationships with the newcomers, reciprocity through the sharing of each other’s best gifts, and a mutual obligation to uphold the Treaty.

The TRCM mandate requires that we facilitate an open discussion on the Treaty Relationship, Treaty Rights and differing views on the Treaties. The TRCM does not advocate for either the Crown or First Nations perspectives of the Treaties but works to create meaningful dialogue and understanding of these perspectives in the spirit of co-existence. Working together to increase the knowledge of the Treaties will assist in strengthening and rebuilding the Treaty Relationship.

In Anishinaabe inaakonigewin, relationships never end. They are constantly fostered, redefined, reexamined, and renegotiated. They must be tended, fuelled, nurtured, or simmered. They morph and evolve over time. The treaty is a relationship which has no end. ~Aimee Craft, 2012