Accountability Framework

The following organizational chart reflects the current accountability framework of the TRCM:


Within this structure, the Grand Chief of the AMC and the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) have the overall responsibility for the work of the Treaty Commissioner.

The TRCM is accountable to the following:

  • A Joint Official Steering Committee (JSOC) comprised of two (2) senior executives from AANDC and two (2) senior executives from the AMC who provide direction and advice to the Treaty Commissioner;
  • An Operational Management Committee (OMC) comprised of representatives from AANDC, AMC, and the TRCM who provide policy direction to the Treaty Commissioner and the TRCM; and
  • A Technical Working Group (TWG) comprised of members from AANDC, AMC and the TRCM who provide advice on the operational requirements of the TRCM.