How to Book the Treaty Commissioner

Please complete the following request form to have the Treaty Commissioner of Manitoba address your select audience with regard to the Treaties and the Treaty relationship. Treaty Commissioner Ross’ availability is best determined 4 weeks in advance of your desired event.

Please be advised**; As Commissioner Ross is requested to speak at many different events, some of which the TRCM is unable to predict, we ask that all organizations keep in mind that the Treaty Commissioner’s schedule is always subject to change. In the event that a conflict should arise after confirmation, the TRCM will work to provide an alternate representative to any speaking engagement of which Treaty Commissioner Ross has been committed. Please take under careful advisement that TRCM must review all promotional materials prior to distribution. All publications require approval from the TRCM. If you have not received confirmation from Treaty Commissioner Ross’ Administrative Assistant via email in regards to your event please do not consider the Treaty Commissioner’s attendance guaranteed.

Treaty Commissioner Downloadable Request Form

We respect your privacy. Contact information is for internal use only.
We do not sell, provide or share personal information with any outside organizations.

Contact with the Administrative Assistant and Speakers’ Bureau Coordinator is imperative in order to book an alternate speaker. In the event that an alternate speaker is unavailable, the TRCM is unable to send a speaker to such event. At that time the TRCM would recommend an alternate date be arranged.