About the Treaty Commissioner

Treaty Commissioner Loretta Ross
Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba

Treaty Commissioner - Loretta Ross

Loretta Ross (Bimaashi Migizi) is a member of the Hollow Water First Nation in Manitoba. Loretta obtained her law degree from Queen’s University and has been a practicing lawyer for over 20 years providing legal counsel to numerous First Nation people, governments and organizations, including the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs and Assembly of First Nations.  Over the years, Loretta has served as counsel for First Nations on child and family matters, residential school claims and land issues including specific claims, Treaty land entitlement, trusts and Hydro development.

Loretta’s grandfather, George Barker, who served for 44 years as Chief of Hollow Water, taught her from an early age that, as a First Nation person, she would always carry the responsibility of advocating and educating on behalf of First Nation people. This is a responsibility that Loretta fully embraces. Loretta is also a big believer in family and community and therefore strives to find balance between her work and family which includes her husband, four children and her young grandchildren. Loretta loves to curl, golf and watch her children participate in their extra-curricular activities in her spare time.